ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE APPS with brief description and links to their sites
ChatGPT logo


ChatGPT is an AI tool built by OpenAI that enables conversational automation. A more powerful OpenAI integration is available here:

OpenAI (GPT-3, DALL-E, Whisper) logo

From the makers of ChatGPT, the OpenAI integration for GPT-3, DALL·E, or Whisper. Build AI powered workflows with OpenAI’s powerful models. An optimized ChatGPT integration is available here:

Mem logo


Mem is a tool to capture, share, and access information from anywhere.

Seamless AI logo

Seamless AI

Seamless AI is a real-time B2B Sales search engine to find leads using the power of AI.

ChatBot logo


ChatBot is a universal and comprehensive framework for building modern AI chatbots. It can be used by total beginners as well as advanced developers.

Google Assistant logo

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google. You can use this Google Assistant integration to manage information in other apps using simple voice commands.

Descript logo

Descript is a tool for getting accurate, fast, and affordable automatic transcriptions of your audio and video media. Once your media is transcribed, you can also edit the text – media word processing.

Grain logo

Grain joins your calls to take notes, document the next steps, and file automated meeting notes in platforms like Slack, HubSpot, and more.

Synthesia logo

Video drives action. Now you can automatically enrich all your transactional emails with personalized videos from Synthesia.

Chatbase logo


With Chatbase, you can create a custom GPT chatbot that knows your data. Upload a pdf or a link and get a chatbot that has the info on it.

Vowel logo


Vowel is a tool for remote teams to host, capture, search, and share video meetings.

Writesonic logo


Writesonic uses AI to generate high-quality, SEO-friendly content. The company has a team of linguistic experts and AI developers.

Chatsonic logo


ChatSonic is a revolutionary AI assistant that helps you write faster and smarter. It uses the latest AI to generate high-quality content.

Leap AI logo

Leap into an AI platform that enables easily adding image or text generation capabilities to apps or workflows.

Anthropic (Claude) logo

Anthropic (Claude)

Claude by Anthropic is an AI assistant trained for safety and conversational understanding.

My AskAI logo

My AskAI

My AskAI allows anyone to build a ChatGPT-style AI assistant that can answer any question on the content you upload.

FlowiseAI logo


FlowiseAI is a low-code/no-code tool to build customized LLM flows

DocsBot AI logo

DocsBot AI

DocsBot AI provides instant & accurate answers for you, your customers, or your team with AI powered chatbots trained with your existing content and documentation.

Superpowered logo


Superpowered is your meeting copilot. Join meetings and get AI Notes in one click.
HeyGen logo


Meet HeyGen – The best AI video generation platform for your team.

Levity logo


Levity lets you build and integrate custom AI for classifying, summarising or generating text. You can also extract information as well!

Read AI logo

Read AI

Read AI makes meetings more effective and efficient with AI generated summaries, highlights, transcripts, and video playback for Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.

Jasper logo


Jasper is the leader in generative AI for marketing teams by helping them create quality content for blog posts, social media posts, web pages, and more.

AssemblyAI logo



Run speech-to-text and audio intelligence models from the AssemblyAI API.

Hugging Face logo

Hugging Face

Use Hugging Face to make predictions on over 100,000 ML models

Eden AI logo

Eden AI

Eden AI is an AI API aggregator that allows you to use many AI technologies and providers without having to set up each API individually.

TextCortex AI logo

TextCortex AI

TextCortex AI offers NLP capabilities, enabling developers to efficiently integrate language-based features into their applications.

AccurAI logo


AccurAI is a machine-learning-based end-to-end automation app, providing unparalleled savings in document processing with tight integration options.

Cohere AI logo


Cohere provides access to advanced Large Language Models and NLP tools. To try out these endpoints visit:

Universal Summarizer by Kagi logo

Summarize anything on the web with Universal Summarizer by Kagi



Fine-Tuner is a scalable no-code platform enabling non-tech users and SMEs to create custom LLM solutions using their own data and ideas.



a popular AI-powered audio platform that allows users to create and share audio content.

Repurpose IO

Autoposts social media

Engage AI logo

Engage AI

Engage AI increases LinkedIn lead touchpoints by alerting you when they post and creating comments to speed up engagements.

Fine-Tuner logo



Fine-Tuner is a scalable no-code platform enabling non-tech users and SMEs to create custom LLM solutions using their own data and ideas.

Dante AI logo

Dante AI


Dante AI is an artificial intelligence platform which allows you to create conversations with knowledge gathered from documents, files, websites and more.

Traw logo



Traw is a GPT-powered service that provides concise summaries of Youtube videos.

Writer logo


Writer is a generative AI platform built for the needs of companies and teams.

Syncly logo



Syncly uses AI to automatically categorize and analyze customer feedback, providing a scalable solution for feedback management.

Chaindesk logo


beta is a no-code platform for building custom ChatGTP agents trained on custom data.

Nuclia logo


Nuclia provides AI search across your unstructured data from any source. It handles video/audio transcription, OCR, and document parsing.

Brain Pod AI logo

Brain Pod AI

AI content creation tool for streamlined content production, including AI content, images, bulk article generator, & SEO mode.

Supernormal logo



Supernormal delivers detailed meeting notes automatically, saving you time and effort spent writing, polishing, and sharing notes.

Chatbotic logo



Chatbotic, the AI chatbot, promptly answers customer queries on your site, Facebook, Instagram and auto-gathers potential visitor lead info. logo

beta AI-powered meeting notes, planning and insights for a more productive workflow.

Promptly logo


Promptly helps anyone build generative AI apps by integrating with OpenAI, Stability, and Cohere models without writing any code logo


AI-powered service that generates code documentation, tests, and optimizations from your source code files

Maverick logo



Maverick helps businesses send AI-generated personalized videos to their customers at scale.

Wonderchat logo



Wonderchat is a no code chatbot platform builder that lets you build custom AI-powered chatbots for your sites in less than 5 minutes.

WizyChat logo



WizyChat lets you build a GPT chatbot trained on your knowledge base from any source and connect it to any app!

Enterpret logo



Enterpret uses ML to analyze customer feedback, helping you gain insights and improve your business

Convi logo



Convi is an AI-driven video prospecting tool, personalizing outreach to boost call bookings, simplifying your lead engagement process.

Greip logo



Greip utilizes cutting-edge technology to deploy AI-Powered modules for preventing payment fraud.

Prodia logo


Prodia-Stable Diffusion API, offers a fast and easy-to-use API for image and music generation.

Palette logo


Palette’s AI-powered colorization service turns a black and white image into one or many colorized variations.

Salesmaa logo



Salesmaa: Unlock sales success with personalized emails. Automate workflows, boost efficiency, and supercharge your outreach

Libraria logo



Libraria is a platform that allows you to create custom assistants and chatbots

Alphamoon logo



Alphamoon is an AI-Based Document Processing Automation Platform.

Writesonic Bulk logo

Writesonic Bulk

Writesonic Bulk is an AI content generator.