Our process


We keep it simple. It starts with asking you questions, getting into your head, understanding your goals, your vision. You then get a road map of how it’s going to work, the phases we go through to implement your targeted solutions. This is important because it’s when we develop our relationship with you—and you with us. It is, after all, a partnership and we are part of your team. We’ll discuss strategy, marketing and design. Your business is successful for a lot of reasons. We need to understand them. Then we move on to…

DESIGN & Production

We incorporate your input and our research to develop your communication tools: new media, print, graphics. They begin as “rough concepts” which are submitted to you for feedback. You choose the approach or the design that resonates with you. Then we go to work. We communicate with you at each stage through to the final okay. Before anything is produced, we have a final review and gain your approval.


Your site goes live. Your printed material is delivered. Your exhibit is built. Your press kit is sent. Whatever we produce for you becomes a reality. This is only the beginning, we offer analytics and follow up services to make sure that your brand is visible and alive.


You will be so pleased. And as you evolve and grow, Orcada will be there to support you and your company. We want a long-lasting relationship, one built on mutual trust and dependability.

Our Philosophy


When people describe us, the first word that comes to mind is passion: we love what we do and that is communicated in every aspect of every project. We’re a little irreverent, a little unorthodox. But the results speak for themselves.


The devil is in the details. We closely watch each aspect of your project. That’s just part of what we do because it’s also about the big picture. We watch that, too.


We make what we do look effortless. That’s because we really understand the behind-the scenes processes and requirements. Of course, that’s our job. (wink, wink)